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THT Bloodstock

"A horse lives by the laws of their nature. Where they fit in to the herd, how they interpret their world, how they learn, how they're coached, how they ultimately perform, is governed by the rules of that nature; it is wise to make an effort, to understand it." #HerdDynamics Matter. ~ Kerry M Thomas



THT Online; Services Intro & Summary

Posted on February 11, 2020 at 9:25 AM

THT Online

Services Introduction Blog


Ever since I “officially” took the leap of faith in 2008, risking nearly everything I owned to chase the dream of taking my passion and evolving it into a business, I have kept in the back of my mind that eventually I wanted to be able to bring our unique work in Herd Dynamics to as wide an audience as possible. We have the great fortune of working on-location in many beautiful places around the world and most certainly it is always the preferred service method. That said, the gains in technology coupled with the fact that we now incorporate a great deal of it in our evaluations and consultations, a subset of services to allow more people to cost effectively access Herd Dynamic services was in order. This brief review of these is the starting point and we are planning on developing more along the way, so keep an eye out going forward on our website services section and our social media platforms.

One of my deep-rooted personal passions is researching herd dynamics and behavioral genetics; if you read the other blogs posted here or visit my Kerry’s Corner Column on the racing website Past The Wire, you will get a feel for this passion. Along with this passion is the desire to help people through coaching, innovation and education; I like to learn and I like to share with others what I have discovered and share those thoughts that in the end, may assist someone else go a step or two further in their journey. I have and do enjoy lecturing on the herd dynamics, giving clinics and seminars, for our work is most certainly horse first, discipline second. It matters not what breed or discipline, a herd dynamic evaluation is a powerful tool as is coaching to herd dynamic strengths. I enjoy very much the knowledge sharing that happens at seminars and clinics and have often been asked if we offer anything online, from personalized coaching to a tutorial or educational do-it-yourself guide for some basics to help folks. Until now, the answer was no.

THT Online from our point of reference will adopt two forms, one will be products geared toward education and herd dynamic/behavioral genetic tutorials, the other will be versions of existing on-location services that can be usefully adapted off-location to allow more people access to herd dynamics and our innovative research.

I hope you will explore and consider THT for your equestrian needs. Be it one horse or many, from beginner to professional, herd dynamics is for every horse, every discipline, everywhere.

                                                                                                                                                                       ~Kerry M Thomas, Founder



THT Online Herd Dynamics: Educational

The first herd dynamic educational product is taken from what has become THT’s most popular clinic topic, Sensory Soundness Mapping. The biggest challenge we face in herd dynamics is that there are so many interconnecting behavioral genetic pieces that there is a difficulty in isolating segments to be imparted individually. The development of sensory mapping however, in its basic yet highly informative form does lend itself to self-teaching with proper information and is also quite a fun and fascinating part of the evaluation process itself. Suitable for all disciplines and for most individuals with basic horsemanship skills, if you’re interested in receiving a summary of information about the package options and pricing, feel free to send us an email and we will be happy to send it along to you.

Other THT Online herd dynamic educational products are planned for the future; among those being considered is a Handicapping with the Herd Dynamics Tip Sheet. If we do this or any others we will surely announce it on our social media outlets.


THT Online Herd Dynamics: Service Options (suitable for all disciplines)

It is not always possible for folks to bring team THT to their location, or bring their horse or horses to a location near THT, so the following online service options are our effort to bring THT and Herd Dynamics to you as an extension of existing services in a more cost effective manner.


Sensory Soundness Mapping Assist is an extension of the above educational product and is packaged as option 3 in the mapping summary of information that is available upon request. The difference here, instead of a DIY tutorial product alone, included is video review and consultation on your horse mapping with THT Bloodstock founder, Kerry Thomas. In essence you will have the developer of sensory mapping as your tutor. Pricing and additional information are included in the mapping summary of information.


Kerry’s Herd Dynamic Coaching, initially only available to those who asked for it, now an official service, you can secure Kerry as your personal coach online (also on-location) to help you take your riding, understanding and managing of herd dynamics and performance stress to a higher level. Teaming up with your horse psychologically as you both move forward during training be it for the novice rider or high level competitor, is next level performance science. Develop not only your horse’s confidence but your own, team up with Kerry to build your mental stimulus training program, analyze video together, and put the world’s leading herd dynamic performance innovation in your back pocket as you take your equestrian experience to new heights. All ages, all disciplines, many packages available, all pricing case by case per rider goals and requests. Herd Dynamic coaching, here to help you, go next level!


Performance Profiling; for those familiar with our evaluations of the Kentucky Derby contenders (see Big Race Analysis section on the toolbar) you will get a real good feel for the type of detailed information we are able to get from analyzing video. This service is for all disciplines not just racing, and is also applicable to training video analysis. You get a written analysis and consultation to review the report. Options with this service include training recommendations based upon the report and monitoring of progress as well as ongoing support as needed. Cost for this service is on a case by case basis and estimates are free.


Pre-purchase Video Analyses, from sales to private purchase, whether to perform or breed, to cull or keep, don’t decide before you know and don’t invest before you investigate! Important information for all disciplines, no horse is free and no horse is “just a physical being”, with a horse you’re investing in both car and driver. *For Thoroughbreds, pedigree consultations are also available.* Cost for this service is on a case by case basis and free estimates are available.


Environmental Consultation; environment is either your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to your horse. Combining years of natural herd dynamic research with years of being involved in building and developing equine farms and facilities, this is your opportunity to consult with Kerry on developing or enhancing your equestrian center/farm, to better fit your horse’s naturally occurring environmental needs. With access to highly skilled builders, architects, property design and maintenance professionals, coupled with THT’s innovative research in herd dynamics and behavioral genetics, you can tap into professionals approved and sourced through THT. Consultation fees on a case by case basis, free estimates available after case review.


So there you have it, do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time and find out more about how we can help you, achieve your goals!


                                                                                                                                                                               THT Bloodstock




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