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THT Bloodstock

"A horse lives by the laws of their nature. Where they fit in to the herd, how they interpret their world, how they learn, how they're coached, how they ultimately perform, is governed by the rules of that nature; it is wise to make an effort, to understand it." #HerdDynamics Matter. ~ Kerry M Thomas

THT BloodstockServices *Clinics/Seminars Available, 

ask for details*

Yearling sales, Two-year-old sales & Breeding Stock Sales. *All Breeds

"Private purchases, claiming, pre-acquisition profiling (video or in-person). *All Breeds

Race Horse Management (profiling analysis & consulting).

Behavioral Genetic Sequencing for Breeding & Stallion/Broodmare Profiling. *All Breeds

Weanling Profiling Research (in the herd setting on the farm, looking for early signs of elite minds and behavioral traits ). *All Breeds

THT Online Options:

*Sensory Mapping Tutorial, 3 options

*Kerry's Herd Dynamic Personal Coaching

*Performance Profiling

See our THT Online Blog post for details, or email to request a copy or for information on an online option.