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THT Bloodstock

" A horse liv​es by the laws of their nature. Where they fit in to the herd, how they interpret their world, how they learn, how they're coached, how they 

ultimately perform, is governed by the rules of that nature; it is wise to make an effort, to understand it."  ~ Kerry M Thomas​

Herd Dynamics

"Sensory Soundness matters, because the operating system, runs the machine." ~Kerry


Herd Dynamic Grading System

Purchase Sensory Soundess Poster Here

Sport Horses

“When you nurture the horse, you develop the athlete."


"The business of horses can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Bring your Herd Dynamic Advantage into focus through the lens of video profiling. Fiscally Responsible, Informative, Valuable. Video Profiling has been an innovative service breakthrough for THT, allowing us to help horses and clients by providing our unique services with both ease of access and economic value, from all over the world.” ~ Kerry M Thomas


Herd Dynamic Profiling 

"unique services to enhance your journey, deepen your understanding & strengthen your relationship"

HD Profiling measures several key psychological components and an overall Herd Dynamic Power rating, HDP score, is included when enough data points are available to make that determination. HDP is an assessment of independent nature applicable to competitive edge during performance. You can also call it the “Grit” score.

The Herd Dynamic make up plays an essential role in every horse’s life be they pleasure horse or athlete. From the breeding shed to the race track, a trail ride through the forest, in the dressage ring or show-jumping arena, knowing who the horse is reveals a great deal about what they can achieve. If you are not working with the herd dynamics, you are working against them. We must be ever mindful that performance is driven by emotion; to be athletic is physical, to be an athlete, is psychological.

What Do You Get?

A Full HD Analysis or *Partial Profile, provides you with either a comprehensive or summary report on the 7 HD Essentials... 

You Also Get... after nearly 20 years in development, your horses Herd Dynamic Score

Your horses HD Score, from D- Low HD through A+ Elite HD, indicates where your horse falls in the hierarchy of the Natural Herd Dynamic. Unique and the first of its kind, your horses HD Score tells you a great deal about who they are. 7 Herd Dynamic Essentials are scored in a 1 through 12 numerical system which indicates how well your horse is doing in each of the key herd dynamic categories and where they need to improve. Applicable in numerous ways from training to finding the right performance platform, your horses HD Score comes with both Full & Partial Profiles and you will receive a worksheet with grades, notes and recommendations. 



                                                                                                       Profiling Services

My Horse’s HD –  General Purpose *Value Service* for those who want a deeper understanding of and better relationship with their horse.

In-Person & Video options available

Pre-Purchase Evaluations – from yearlings to horses transitioning to new careers, invest wisely.

In-Person & Video options available

Performance & Training Evaluations – understanding your horse-athlete & their achievable goals.

In-Person & Video options available

HD TIP: “We must determine what engages the horses’ competitive nature in order to properly nurture and develop those expressions which define in the athlete, competitive edge.” ~Kerry M Thomas

What are the herd dynamics? The herd dynamics are those naturally occurring traits, tendencies and characteristics that make up the individual psychology and where this places the horse in the hierarchy of the herd structure. It is in short, the operating system of the physical machine.” THT

**For a Herd Dynamic Sample Report & Sensory Map click here 

Additional HD Services

Herd Dynamic Expression Analysis {Still/Action Photo(s)} 

Sensory Soundness Mapping; Discover how your horse interprets their world; includes our Sensory Soundness Poster, free; sample here 

Behavioral Genetic Breeding Services

HD TIP: "The art of breeding horses is allowing performance to be driven by emotion, a merger through which Mother Nature’s brilliance, can flourish. If you’re not breeding for sensory soundness and athletic ability, breeding for physical soundness and talent, means less."  

Events & HD Edu

Herd Dynamic Seminar & Ride With Fluency Clinic is now available! PDF Summary available: Click Here

Herd Dynamic Edu Tutorials & Seminars are available:  click here


HD TIP: “I view desensitization as largely unstable, exposed to the arbitrary nature of association. 

I would rather look to nurturing proper interpretations as a more natural way to sustain assimilation. 

Sensory Soundness is the key to both athletic ability an emotional wellness.” ~Kerry

Ride With Fluency; Nurture, Enrich, Develop

Diagnosing your horse, plotting your solutions...

GET: Your Horses' RWF Developmental & Assessment Grade & Progress Notes


The NEW Cognitive Course Design PLAYBOOK!! 

Coaching horse & rider through the lens of the herd dynamic.

Want to deepen your relationship with your horse? Bumps in the road you are trying to work through? Want to learn how to put intention, interpretation, and anticipation in the drivers’ seat? Looking to fine-tune your saddle time leading up to an event? Striving to minimize performance anxiety and fear while maximizing talent an ability? If any of these apply, then this service is right for you!

RWF Coaching is for all disciplines and levels from pleasure riding beginner to seasoned performance riders. Improving the mind-to-body fluency between horse & rider requires the horse to learn to properly harmonize with their environment, feel contentment with their human, and for the rider to emotionally communicate with their horse by leading through intent-of-purpose. 

HD TIP: "If the emotional horse is not prepared for or naturally equipped for the demands of their discipline, 

their physical type and pedigree is just a photo-op."

What To Expect? A course designed to strengthen your relationship.

In hand and in-saddle, cross country or arena; course and curriculum can only be properly designed when the horse comes first, their discipline collateral to who they are and what they are capable of.


                                                                       RWF Coaching; Developmental & Assessment Grade

Brand New! Our new groundbreaking grading system is used to both grade your horse and monitor their progress along their curriculum path. Each of the 6 HD RWF Essential data points are evaluated and scored numerically 1 (lowest) through 12 (highest) on a worksheet with notes to track area's of strength & weakness. The aggregate letter Grade, D- low, through A+ Elite, is used to tell us where your horse is currently and the data point scoring helps us develop a proper enrichment course to nurture improvement. 

Who Is RWF Coaching For?

For you and your horse, of course! Pleasure riding or high-level competition, beginner, or seasoned rider; if you want to realize talent, you must nurture ability. Whether you want a one-day coaching experience or an ongoing developmental program, when you begin riding with fluency you have discovered the communicated equine through the fascinating world of herd dynamics. To experience next level, you must envision next level.

Up your game, get your own… RWF Program; designed for your horse, nurtured by you…

Video and In-Person options are available. Contact Us Today to learn more!


*Ride With Fluency Performance Critique Score!

Add A Playbook; learn more, ride better, improve your performance...

Have your training session or performance evaluated and critiqued for fluency & efficiency with this special service offer. Get tips on improving intent-of-purpose, minimize emotional stress and avoiding mental fatigue.  GET: your RWF Performance Critique Score, numerically scored 1, my horse and I have some work to do Through 12 my horse and I are doing great! You also GET critique notes for the *Data Points with coaching recommendations on improving your fluency and relationship; your mind through the horses body...  

Video and In-Person options are available. Contact Us Today to schedule!

HD TIP: “Harmony with their environment, contentment with their peers; Ride With Fluency

is not just a riding lesson, it is a life lesson.” Kerry M Thomas

Have questions about our unique services? Want to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals? Don’t be shy, let’s talk! Contact us today and schedule your FREE Consultation. For every horse, from anywhere, herd dynamics matter!

Get the Herd Dynamic Advantage, request your Price Sheet and lets get on the hoof!


Purchase Sensory Soundness Map Here