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THT Bloodstock

" A horse liv​es by the laws of their nature. Where they fit in to the herd, how they interpret their world, how they learn, how they're coached, how they 

ultimately perform, is governed by the rules of that nature; it is wise to make an effort, to understand it." #HerdDynamics Matter. ~ Kerry M Thomas​

Herd Dynamics

"If we truly wish to understand the horse, we must take our view, from the hoof; herd dynamics matter; every horse, every discipline, everywhere." THT

Sport Horses

“When you nurture the horse, you develop the athlete."


THT Sport-Horse Services, All-Disciplines


Ride With Fluency; Herd Dynamic Evaluations, Clinics & Coaching

~Herd Dynamics of Dressage / Herd Dynamics of Eventing / Herd Dynamics of Show Jumping / Hacking & more~

To view a sample of a Herd Dynamic Profile click here

Herd Dynamic Video Analysis, all disciplines includes written report.

Herd Dynamic Expression Analysis {Still/Action Photo(s)} includes written report. 

RWF & Herd Dynamic In-Person Evaluations & Coaching: 1hr session, (½ & full day coaching and event/performance evaluations available).

A View From The Hoof;  Herd Dynamic Clinics & Seminars

Clinics: 4 horse (minimum) up to 8 horses per day - Clinic & Seminar brochure click here

Herd Dynamic Coaching Online 

Ride With Fluency... Evaluations for; Dressage / Show Jumping / Eventing / Pleasure Riding 

Need some additional help? Want to deepen your relationship with your horse? Gearing up for an event? Having bumps in the road you are trying to work through? Need help with developing the psychological athlete? Do you need a boast of confidence through a better understanding on how to ride with fluency? This unique service is your opportunity to get one-on-one coaching with Kerry!

For additional info & availability, message through the website contact page or email “HD Online Coach” [email protected] 


THT Herd Dynamics Edu  Click Here

Online Consultations Available Via Zoom or Signal

Schedule your consult, chat with Kerry! 30 minute / 60 minute options $75.00 / $150.00

email "Zoom Consult" to [email protected] 


Pre-Purchase Evaluations with written report; In Person or Video 

Sensory Soundness Mapping Video Analysis *ask for details*

Behavioral Genetic Breeding Services: Ask For Quote

New to Herd Dynamic Evaluations & Behavioral Genetics? Want to learn more? Ask us for a sample Herd Dynamic Profile report! Visit our website blog.  *Don’t see a service specific to your need, issue, or have a special request? Just ask! We are happy to help and tailor our unique services to your unique needs.